The village of Breitenbach is located at the foot of the Passwang, with many hiking trails and extensive riding trails leading to Leimental.

Breitenbach is located in the region called Schwarzbubenland

The Schwarzbubenland consists of the districts Dorneck and Thierstein and is the local recreation area of ​​Basel. The beautiful natural landscape consisting of hills, gorges and valleys can be explored on foot or by bicycle E-bike.

In the 23 municipalities you will find numerous museums, galleries and theaters that are worth a detour. The Schwarzbubenland is also known for its castles, ruins and monasteries, which are still partly actively operated or used.

St. Fridolin's Chapel

Address 4226 Breitenbach

The sacred buildings can certainly be dated to 1441, and in the 17th century it was a well-known place of pilgrimage.

Gruber Fountain

Address Breitgartenstrasse, 4226 Breitenbach

When combined with the elements of water and wind, the fountain produces metallic noises, sounds and whistling sounds, which annoyed pupils and residents. The authorities were told to shut down the well. There are endeavors in process of giving the work of art back, which is in need of restoration, the value which belongs to it.

Sports & Activities

Indoor swimming pool Breitgarten

Breitgartenstrasse, 4226 Breitenbach, Germany

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Thursdays from 07.00pm to 09.00pm

Water park aquabasilea, Pratteln

Museum / Exhibitions

Museum Breitenbach

Breitenbach from a farmers village to an industrial location, industrial development in the 20th century


Breitgartenstrasse, 4226 Breitenbach, Germany

Tel. 061 781 12 93 or 061 781 16 88

opening hours

Every 1st Saturday of the month 02.00pm – 04.00pm


Free entry, groups according to number


Gallery lantern

Address: Gängli 5, 4226 Breitenbach

Visitors of the gallery lantern at the "Gängli" will be regular visitors to the art fair, or even interested parties. In the stylishly restored Breitenbacher Bauernhaus in the Unterdorf, international artists also exhibit their works